• Welcome to the Cumberland Land Conservancy

  • Protecting our Corridors Forever

  • Educating & Empowering Community

  • Protecting Endangered Species

  • Connecting with Aboriginal Community

  • Helping Native Wildlife

  • Volunteer Bush Regeneration

  • A home for Species at Risk

  • Restoring Native Habitats

  • Innovation & Monitoring

Cumberland Land Conservancy Inc (CLC) is a volunteer operated not-for-profit charity dedicated to acquiring land for conservation. We focus on the ‘Cumberland Plain’ of Western Sydney, one of the most heavily cleared landscapes in Australia. This already heavily cleared and fragmented region is now being cleared and developed at an even more rapid rate with little or no planning to conserve key linkages for wildlife. 

Saving the Cumberland Plain requires the purchase and protection of these key linkages. CLC stands apart as a community based charity successfully securing biodiversity corridors in Western Sydney.

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters CLC owns and manages four properties protecting 49 hectares of habitat forever and linking key habitats in Western Sydney.

Our members and supporters are conserving and connecting the Cumberland Plain, engaging and empowering the community and partnering with government and business to set a new standard in conservation land management.

This work would not be possible without the support of our members and supporters. Each CLC member is a co-owner in our properties and a custodian on behalf of all the residents and wildlife of Western Sydney.