Annual Reports

Cumberland Land Conservancy (CLC) report annually on our finances and how we have used them to secure the best outcomes for conservation. We are committed to providing the best outcomes for Western Sydney’s environment and to practicing transparency & accountability.

The Annual Reports also provide an overview of our operations and a showcase of our success restoring the environment of Western Sydney. We hope you enjoy learning more about our activities and sharing our success.

Annual Reports:

CLC Annual Report 2022-23 Final

CLC – FY2023 – Financial statements Signed

CLC Annual Report 2021-22 Final

CLC – FY2022 – Financial statements (signed)

CLC Audited Financial Statement 2020-21

CLC Annual Report 2020-21 Final

CLC Annual Report 2019-20

CLC – Financial Statements 2019-20

CLC Annual Report 2018-19

CLC Annual Report 2017-18

CLC Annual Report 2016-17