This property is 3.75 ha of high conservation bushland at 1 Ninth Avenue Llandilo and part of a key corridor between the Wianamatta Regional Park and the Wianamatta Nature Reserve. It was acquired in 2017 with assistance of the Australian Government and the former NSW Nature Conservation Trust.

The site protects Critically Endangered Cumberland Plain Shale Woodlands with unusually high species richness and numerous threatened flora. Preliminary surveys have already identified:

  • Cumberland Plain Land Snail (Meridolum corneovirens) (Endangered, NSW)
  • A large population of Grevillea juniperina subsp. juniperina (Vulnerable, NSW)
  • A large population of Marsdenia viridiflora var. viridiflora (Endangered population NSW)
  • A single individual of Pultenaea parviflora (Endangered, NSW; Vulnerable Federal)

“Marsdenia” is located within the Richmond Woodlands Key Biodiversity Area (KBA) which protects the Critically Endangered Regent Honeyeater and Swift Parrot.