Membership and Support

Cumberland Land Conservancy (CLC) Membership

Membership is just $15 per year. Current financial membership is essential for part ownership of CLC properties and regular visiting of CLC properties.

To become a member, please fill in the following form and let us know how you will be paying.

The membership form must be filled out individually for each new member and include that member’s email address.

If paying for multiple new memberships or renewals please clearly indicate who those members are in the “Notes” section of this page.

The CLC membership year commences July 1 each year irrespective of what stage of the year you last paid for membership.

PLEASE NOTE: CLC Membership is not automatic upon payment. Applications for membership will be considered by the CLC Executive at its bi-monthly meeting. Any applicants that are unsuccessful will be contacted and receive a full refund.

Donation information

Donations are welcomed and may be a tax deductible gift. If you are joining as a new member or renewing membership please indicate the amount in the Donation field below.

Likewise, if you are not interested in becoming a member but still wish to make a donation to the Cumberland Land Conservancy please tick the Donation Only option and indicate the amount in the Donation field.

Membership New/Renewal and Donations

  • Please provide your address
  • Please provide your email address
  • Please provide your phone number
  • Please enter a value between 0 and 9999.
  • Please select a payment method. When you click the Submit button you will be taken to the relevant payment details page. You will be emailed a receipt for membership payment and a tax deductible gift receipt for donations of $2 or more once the membership and/or payments are processed.
  • Please provide any additional information and comments including multiple membership details.