CLC Committee

Cumberland Land Conservancy Inc is governed by a constitution established by the founding committee in December 2014.

The present committee were elected by a popular members vote at the 11 November 2023 Annual General Meeting.

The current office bearers are as follows:

President – Wayne Olling

Wayne brings a wealth of experience to CLC, including 25 years in the NSW Government and, in more recent decades, as a voluntary advocate for the Cumberland Plain’s natural and cultural heritage. Wayne is also Manager, Flora & Fauna at Blacktown & District Environment Group Inc.


Vice President – Natalie James

Natalie began as a bush regenerator doing weed control and restoration works across Western Sydney. She is currently a weed control coordinator in local government. Qualifications include CLM III; Bachelor of Environmental Science and Management. Natalie is also Bushcare supervisor at ‘Thornbill’, Agnes Banks.


Treasurer – Doug Meredith

Doug has a life-long interest in conservation and biodiversity, particularly avian fauna. He is a member of CPA Australia, has a degree in accounting & economics, a master’s degree in accounting, a master’s degree in business administration and graduate certificate in applied finance & investment, using these in accounting, finance and management within the public, government and not for profit sectors.

Secretary and Public Officer – Martin O’Reilly

Martin is a passionate advocate for the protection of both the natural environment of Western Sydney and the environment more broadly. Martin has a B.A., LLB and, for almost 20 years, occupied the position of President of Blacktown & District Environment Group Inc.

                                               Scientific Officer – 

                                               This position is temporarily vacant.