CLC Committee

Cumberland Land Conservancy Inc is governed by a constitution established by the founding committee in December 2014.

The present committee were elected by a popular members vote at the 10 October 2020 Annual General Meeting.

The current office bearers are as follows:

President – Wayne Olling

Wayne brings a wealth of experience to CLC, including 25 years in the NSW Government and, in more recent decades, as a voluntary advocate for the Cumberland Plain’s natural and cultural heritage. Wayne is also Manager, Flora & Fauna at Blacktown & District Environment Group Inc.


Vice President – Karen Barron

Karen has vast experience and knowledge of restoration from working throughout the Cumberland Plain. Karen’s connection with CLC’s latest acquisition, ‘Wombat’, goes back to the initial weed control program at the property in the late 1990’s.


Treasurer – Doug Meredith

Doug has had a life-long interest in conservation and biodiversity, particularly avian fauna. He is a member of CPA Australia, has a degree in accounting & economics, a master’s degree in accounting, a master’s degree in business administration and a graduate certificate in applied finance & investment, using these in many years’ experience in accounting, finance and management within the public, government and not for profit sectors.

Secretary and Public Officer – Antony Lewis

Antony is a degree engineer in the food industry with a childhood background playing in Hunts Creek and Lake Parramatta. He is a long time environment advocate who is also currently Secretary of Blacktown & District Environment Group Inc, and a community representative on Parramatta River Catchment Group and Blacktown City Council’s Environment Advisory Committee.

Scientific Officer – Yogesh Nair

Yogesh has 11 years experience in bushland conservation, restoration, site supervision, project mgmt, environment consultant (botanist & ecologist) incl veg assessments and developing mgmt plans.  Qualification include CLM III; Advanced Dip. App. Environmental Mgmt; BSc and MSc in Biodiversity Conservation.

If you have relevant skills and a passion for conservation we encourage you to join Cumberland Land Conservancy Inc. Please visit ‘Get Involved’ to learn more, or speak with any of our helpful committee members.