Welcome to Bushcare 2018

Welcome back to CLC

Hi everyone, welcome back to the CLC Bushcare program for 2018. Hope you all had a restful Christmas and New Year break and are re charged and ready to continue making another huge difference at Wallaroo whilst enjoying the great company of your conservation colleagues. Our first workday is Saturday the 10th February starting at 9am at Wallaroo.

We have a fun filled program planned for Wallaroo bushcare this year. It is different to previous years in that you will be taking part in our Zone Condition monitoring program, working your way across the whole of the Wallaroo landscape as the year progresses whilst continuing to reduce the impact of our annual and perennial weed pests. We are hoping for some rain soon so that the Autumn and Spring flowering will be amazing.

Please use the CLC Google Calendar to see who your Bushcare supervisors are for each month and details of the activity. All Bushcare days at Wallaroo start at 9am and finish about 12pm.

Looking forward to catching up with you all over the year ahead.

Maureen Harper